C4: Intersection. Coming May 14th, 2021

Launching May 14th, 2021

C4 Intersection, the 4th Collection for PWD Hand Dyed.

This collection is a reflection of all of the crossroads we are facing and how the choices we make impact each other.

 We are at a time in our lives where we all seem to be at a crossroads: Like the seasons; the crossover between winter, spring & summer. Or the socio-political decisions: kids back at school or not, vaccine or no vaccine,wear a mask, don’t wear a mask.I feel like my life is sitting in the middle of this intersection with seemingly only one or the other direction to choose. I would like the road to be more of a roundabout, where things flow in and amongst ourselves, that life doesn’t have to be only one way or another, or you against me. Rather, it would be so much better to recognize that the path we take ultimately intersects with the path of another, and that our voices can blend together. We should recognize that the choices we make are not just for ourselves but that they ultimately impact others. The rigid intersection becomes more of a fluid round-about. 

This philosophy is represented in my collection. 

The intersections are represented in my creations through opposing techniques: structured Shibori tying techniques with grids and lines and white space. And on the opposite side my smooth flowing watercolour like ice dyeing technique. Two opposing viewpoints but they ultimately work beautifully together.

Pre-owned, vintage and new stock pieces will be dyed with  tones of Navy, Violet, yellow, as well as a grouping of pastels, with pretty pale pinks, blues and gold. These, as always will be predominantly season-less pieces, but I am also including more lightweight fabrics, short sleeves and a few one size dresses. They should hopefully work well with your other PWD pieces from previous collections, and be a welcome addition to your existing wardrobe that you will love for years. 

Thank you! Pamela