C5: ‘Doll Parts’ coming September 2nd, 2021

C5: Doll Parts, coming September 2nd, 2021 (9am est) 

My 5th Collection is a nod to the 90’s but with a modern take. From the decade, I pull inspo from music & fashion,…a little gritty from the music scene, a little glam from the likes of Tom Ford for Gucci & a little off duty cool girl street style from the likes of the first name only supermodels.

My pieces are equal mix streetwear, loungewear and forward fashion which can be worn casually, elegantly or professionally. I intended for versatility of the pieces to be styled either way, and by any age and by any gender. The androgeny of many pieces are inspired by the great supermodel Stella Tenant, may you RIP Queen.

Beasties, Tribe, Courtney, TLC, Stella, Garbage, Janet, Drew, Naomi, Gwen, NAS…to name a few who inspired me for this collection. 

I really loved making this collection. It’s a lot of fun and it encourages you to have a little fun with what you wear (and life), so mix up some glam with some grit. 

I have made lots of reverse dye flannels, and lots of grungy muted hand dyed  tones. As well I have luxe fabrics and rich tones on the glam side. I created some really special hand painted pieces on authentic vintage band tees and on bucket hats. 

I have utilized a number of hand dyeing techniques including, tie, immerse, shibori and ice and have a bunch of categories like crew fleeces, long sleeve shirts, some amazing lounge/streetwear pants and tops and dresses. All my starting pieces are sustainable in some way: either in how they were made, or pre-owned or abandoned. I also found a few pieces from the era, or likeness to the era including some Gucci.

My mantra continues with ‘I give new life to unwanted clothing’

And! PWD has a new name! Well actually two! LONG-CAT is the sustainable fashion line, and NINE LIVES is my designer resale division.

Again, I really loved making this collection. I tried to make more inclusive sizing, easier said than done, as I can only make with the product that I can find & rescue of which to dye on. But I tried. I hope you find something for yourself, your partner, your kids or your friends. And even if you don’t I hope you like the vibe and that it transports you back to a pretty great time in our lives. Pamela xo

‘Cause you can’t, you won’t and you don’t stop’ - Beastie Boys 1996