We Love Moms & Cats Online Charity Auction: April 18 - 25th

Auction Begins:   Sunday, April 18th, 9:00am est

Auction Ends:     Sunday, April 25th, 12 noon est

This will provide enough time to get your Mother’s Day gifts to arrive on time!

Preview Items up for Auction: We Love Moms & Cats Auction  (click this link)


Goal: $1,000 for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue

The Auction:

I decided we needed to jump start some donations! In honour of Mother’s Day & the incredible work done by the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue, I have decided to host an online auction featuring items from the PWD Collections. 

You will be able to shop for some great one-of-a-kind items from ShopPdub.com for Mom, for you or for someone else, while all of the net proceeds are donated to the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue.

Why this support?

Many of you know Monty & I adopted our beloved Piper from OSCatR, and may assume this is why I have chosen to donate to them. While this is true and part of the reason, I have also learned why it is important to manage the feral cat population and why supporting organizations such as OSCatR is so important. I think you might find some of this interesting:

  • Cats are innate predators, with Feral and Free-Range (outdoor) Domestic cats accounting for the deaths of 1.3–4.0 billion birds and 6.3–22.3 billion mammals in the U.S. per year. 
  • That hurts biodiversity and the acceleration of extinction of species, which has been shown to play a role in food security, the control of infectious disease and successful adaptation to climate change.
  • Cats are the top carriers of rabies among domestic animals in the U.S. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention name cats as the single greatest source of rabies risk to humans in the United States.
  • So bring your cat indoors. The risk to human health from indoor cats is low. And indoor cats may also be more effective at keeping vermin at bay than outdoor cats are at killing them. Keeping an indoor cat may infuse your home with a feline pheromone that discourages vermin from hanging around.

The Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue works towards solving these problems. OSCatR is a foster home based rescue, meaning their cats are fostered in homes across the city and not in a central facility. Each foster family works with their foster cat(s) to ensure they are healthy and socialized so they can be put up for adoption and find their forever homes.

Each cat under their care undergoes veterinary care needed including vaccinations as well as being spayed or neutered. All cats are given a microchip and are under foster care until they find a forever home. Screened applicants must comply with their obligations to give their new furry friend a happy indoors only home.

The auction starts on April 18th at 9am est & ends on April 25th at Noon est,, so that I can get items shipped in time for Mother’s Day. If you would like your item wrapped, let me know. 

In addition to the items I am donating, I am also donating several eGift Cards which your recipient can use on anything on ShopPdub.com and just in time for the release of my 4th collection launching May 7th called C4: Intersection.

This is my 4th themed collection with some Shibori tying methods with structured patterns as well as some more of my watercolour type patterns; both in tones of navy, violet, neon & yellow as well as black & white.  The opposing side will be those same techniques but with a pastel palette of pale blue & pink. While my pieces are predominantly season-less, many items from C4 will be made of lightweight cottons, linen, & silks with some short sleeved cashmere & fleece wear. This will be my first introduction to some one size cotton dresses too. 

Fundraising Goal:

My goal is to raise $1,000 for the Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue. I already know how amazing my community is and I thank you for all of your past and present support. If you could help me make this Mother’s Day a little bit more about Giving Back while we honour our Mothers, this Cat Mom would be sincerely grateful. Pamela xxoo

To learn more:

Ottawa Stray Cat Rescue: