What changes are coming in 2022?

Hello friends! I am hunkering down at home this week, reflecting on this past year and thinking about the new year ahead. It’s a terribly difficult & uncertain time for so many as we all know.  Monty & I are sensitive to that and are doing what we can.

2020 to now: Throughout the beginning of the pandemic in 2020 until now I have been fortunate enough to stay at home to hide from COVID, and in this time I have been able to explore my artistic side and become one of the many thousands of tie dye artists that have emerged. I turned my new hobby into a small business & called it PWD, available under my website ShopPdub.com. In mid-2021 I evolved the business even more by separating my brand into LONG-CAT Designs & NINE-LIVES Vintage & Designer Resale.

What is the difference between LONG-CAT & NINE-LIVES?

My creations on LONG-CAT are more than ‘just tie dye’. They are one-of-a kind hand dyed pieces, created on premium ‘blanks’, using one of many dyeing techniques creating something sustainable, artistic, wearable and special.

NINE-LIVES came about as part of the process. I scour the internet and auctions to find premium brands and luxury label items on which to create my designs. And in that process, I find some amazing vintage & designer finds that fit into my style wheelhouse & make them available to you for resale.

What am I doing wrong?

Throughout my creation and sourcing process this past year I have learned a ton about what I am doing right & wrong, good & bad, and have come to a few conclusions:

  1. The dyeing process uses an extraordinary amount of water per singular garment. The way I dye & rinse today isn’t exactly the most environmentally mindful process
  2. The dyeing process is a true joy for me to artistically express myself, but the actual multi-step, multi day process is extraordinarily physically difficult for me. It is especially hard on my hands, which are already affected by Parkinsons, I can’t say using them vigorously helps much. And oh boy it’s back breaking work too!

How can I improve?

As a result, I have been thinking about how I want to proceed into 2022.  I am going to adjust my model a little bit.

  1. I will be creating limited hand -dyed pieces a few times a year; one-of-a-kind, premium quality, high-end wearable art pieces
  2. In addition I will create some very small batch premium loungewear pieces like hand-dyed bamboo pants and tops with a seasonal collection colour & pattern theme.
  3. I will continue with creating some periodic specialty items like table napkins etc when the inspiration pops up.

By limiting volume & frequency with the high end pieces. And by bundling the dye process with my small batch releases, I should be able to dramatically improve my 2 big challenges I identified above. Use less water, reduce the physical & environmental wear and tear.

I also plan on sharing new NINE-LIVES finds each week. I will share those via email (first) and by social media, and will have some larger releases at the times I share any new LONG-CAT designs. I hope to grow the LONG-CAT & NINE-LIVES community and will be getting more active in building our outreach and sharing the love of hand-made and pre-owned fashion. COVID permitting I plan on getting out to regional markets and share my pieces live in person. Fingers crossed.

Community Support

Looking back on 2021, I am very proud that we have raised as a community over $3,500 for local non-profits in Canada & the US. I hope to build on that further, and will have plan to have another on-line auction this April/ May of 2022, following up from the success of ‘For the love of Mom’s and Cats’ auction this past April.

The Club Rewards Program: I am hoping to launch a points type based program this year;, earning points based on activity and purchases. Rewards will include things like free shipping, green returns, donations and design input. I am thinking it through a bit, and will let you know what I can implement & manage.

ShopPdub.com vs Pdubxo.com? I’m so confused…

I will be continually updating my website ShopPdub.com and will be adding new pieces as they become avaiable. I have also been really thinking about my Pdubxo.com blog content that most of you are familiar with,  and may revisit that separately. I still receive so many questions and comments related to my experiences with Breast Cancer that has been helpful to so many people, that I feel compelled to expand on that. I just don’t want to make it confusing for you. I have so many different social media names and the two different sites, makes it a bit confusing…I need to figure out how to either a. separate those further or b. find a way to merge the two together. This is a work in process, when I do make any changes, I will let you know.

What now?

This winter expect to see New @ NINE-LIVES pieces out regularly; possibly weekly. My next LONG-CAT dyed creations collection will be late Spring 2022, likely April or May. I have some exciting ideas in my head I can’t wait to get onto a garment. Make sure you are on my email list to be the first to know. I will also be focusing on my health, family & home and looking forward to warmer & brighter days ahead.

Thank you for your ongoing support and friendship, and allowing me to continue to pursue sharing my love of fashion with you. Pamela xo