C3 ‘Smooth’ , available March 17, 2021

C3 is a mini collection called ‘Smooth’ launching this March in conjunction with the launch of the PWD Pre-Owned division. At the Pre-Owned side I decided to resell some luxury, designer and contemporary items that I found while sourcing and decided they didn’t need to be, or should not be dyed. So I curated some great pieces that integrate well with PWD dyed creations, and are in keeping with my mission to give new life and new homes to great fashion. I have also sourced some rare & vintage finds if you want to add something special or whimsical to your collection or to your current rotation of fashion! 

The new PWD collection C3 ‘Smooth’ came about as a reprieve from all of the turmoil over the past year. It has been a slog for all of us, so I just wanted to create some pretty, easy, comfortable pieces in neutrals, pinks and sage tones. And I wanted to create pieces that you can wear right now, not just wait for warmer weather. I hand dyed a number of super soft all gender fleece crew necks, as well as a couple of year round cashmere pieces. And make note of the fabulous jackets in denim, leather & suede. As well I incorporated some pretty wraps and scarves to layer so we can endure the crazy changes in weather we will experience over the next couple of months.

You may also notice a fabulous grey slim fit jogger in the collection that has not been dyed. This is a private label PWD piece from my favorite sustainable manufacturer in Toronto. It’s a super high quality all gender jogger for inside or outside. I felt that I needed to anchor some of my pieces (which are all upper half pieces!) I will also attempt to style all of these pieces in different ways to give you ideas how you can style your PWD items with your own wardrobe.

So take a deep breath and let out your OM, or AH, or whatever you like. Push aside the winter and let’s look forward to brighter days ahead. Whether these pieces are my creations or pre-owned, they this ‘Smooth’  mood and the season. I hope you like them!. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. Thank you!