Hakuba: The Inspiration behind the New Collection

Coming this March, 2021 to PWD
The theme of my second collection  is ‘Hakuba’ which is a beautiful lake & mountain community outside of Tokyo, Japan. Now I have never been there, but I dream to. My older brother & his family have a cabin there and he sends me pictures regularly. The images are so stunning that they don’t seem real.
Something that struck me as interesting from the images he sent and the stories that he shared, was the number of contrasts. I noticed contrasts in the landscape, the people and in their lifestyles. The mountains are rugged yet soft and inviting, the trees are abundant and you might find a beautifully architected home in the midst. And people are quietly enjoying all that the outdoors provide, while others wildly enjoy themselves. 
My creations for Hakuba reflect all of these contrasts that for the most part live in harmony. I used soft, luxurious fabrics like cashmere and silk, and dyed with beautiful earth tones, and bold and brilliant blues & greens to reflect the landscape. On the contrary I used bright neons and colours to reflect the youthful energy from the ski attire you would see coming down the mountains, or at the annual (not this year) Electronic Music Festival.
I attempted to respectfully represent Hakuba to the best of my imagination in each of my designs. I hope you like them, and I hope you mix a little of the ‘gentle’ with a little of the ‘wilder side’ that you will see. I feel like if you were going to Hakuba you would feel inclined to wear some of these pieces. And if travel is not in your future, they would work just as well in your home. I hope you like what I have created xx Pamela (Pdub)