Hello, it’s me Pamela (Pdub). I am living in the Canadian countryside after many years of living in cities across the US. I started dyeing my own clothing as a hobby during the pandemic lockdown when my inner artist decided it needed to get out. My first collection sold out which led me to create PWD, which now, as of August 2021 is now under the names Long-Cat (hand-dyed creations) & Nine Lives (designer resale).

After working in corporate America, I had to leave 'traditional work' in the late 2000's due to several rare and unrelated health issues. My husband & I started a designer Fashion boutique, called Iona,  in Madison, WI, only to have to shut it down when I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

After the 2016 election, we decided it was time to come home to Canada. We "briefly" stopped in Ottawa for 3 years and are now living in a small towin in the Ottawa Valley. I have set up my workshop here where all of my creations are made. 

My life and personality is full of contrasts: feminine & tomboy, extrovert & shy, confident & awkward, dorky & elegant, serious & silly. My style is reflected in that, and so are my designs. 

I am neither a trained fashion designer nor seamstress, but I am an artist at heart. I have a vision and perspective based on kindness, community, and both the beautiful (and not so beautiful) things that we experience every day. Always transparent, I will share my voice, my ideas and my inspiration with you. I hope you enjoy what I’m putting out there and remember you don’t have to buy something to be part of this community. Pamela (Pdub)